XIO Group is a global alternative investments firm with an integrated international investment team

  • XIO Group is a global multi-billion dollar alternative investments firm headquartered in London, with operations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and mainland China
  • XIO Group is a standalone platform that is unaffiliated with any other institution or individual
  • Pronounced “X-I-O Group”, the firm’s name is written as the transliteration of the Latin phrase “I know” or “scio”, highlighting the individual global knowledge and experience of the XIO Group team
  • XIO Group’s strategy is to identify and invest in market-leading businesses located across North America and Europe and to assist these companies in capitalising on untapped opportunities in high growth markets, particularly in Asia
  • XIO Group seeks to deploy more than US$5 billion of committed capital for global transactions
  • For information on XIO Group’s current portfolio, please click here
  • For more information, please contact XIO Group at info@xiogroup.com or publicrelations@xiogroup.com

XIO Group proactively seeks investment opportunities in high-quality, industry-leading companies within the following rapidly growing sectors:

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